Due To COVID19- a note from the PTO Board

Dear Demarest Families,

The PTO Board has received a number of questions regarding the concept of social distancing as it relates specifically to their children and playdates.  We reached out to Roberta Hoag, the President of the Demarest Board of Health for some advice regarding this matter.  She states,

Parents should avoid playdates and other gatherings as outlined in all recent local notices and media communications.  The purpose of closing all the schools in the entire county was to prevent the possibility of the children and staff becoming infected through contact.  Though children don’t seem as vulnerable to the virus as adults, kids are just as likely to get infected, and carry the virus home to their families through interaction.  Social distancing is essential to our mitigating strategy.  The number of COVID19 cases diagnosed has doubled daily. Social Distancing and self imposed isolation are the only methods by which we will be able to reduce the spread of this virus.”

We support her recommendations and we believe that preventative measures are only effective if we embrace and implement them as a community.

We wish all of our Demarest Families health and safety during these times and please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions.

Demarest PTO Board