PTO Open Positions for Committee Coordinators 2018-2019


If interested in applying please send your role request and a short, personal write up to


Please submit by May 25, 2018. We look forward to hearing from you!


OPEN PTO Committee Roles/Responsibilities 2018-2019

Buddy Program

(need 2nd chair)

Get list of all new students and help pair with buddies and plan play day at both CRS and LLE for kids Over summer set up and run end of August virtual and in person
CRS Lunch Parents Assign lunch parents on a monthly basis coordinating with lunch staff and school calendar. All school year, with quarterly schedules produced. Virtual


DMS Book Fair- Co Chair

((need 2nd chair)

Set up, run and manage book fair at DMS Minimal effort until actual event. virtual and in person
Demarest 5K

(need 2nd chair)

Develop and manage 5k in May. Requires a team 7 month planning and heavy concentration near event virtual and in person
LLE Health Fair – Co-Chair

(need 2nd chair)

Develop and manage Health Fair in May . 3 months of planning busy near event virtual and in person
Me and My Dance (CRS Lead) Work to create dance for CRS working with LLE lead, picking theme, music food etc Requires a team. Winter few month effort and event itself virtual and in person
NVD Coalition Coordinate and meet with NVD on ongoing efforts in the community. All school year, periodic meetings virtual and in person
PTO Spring Fundraiser Develop and manage Gala and online Auction. Requires a team. 7 months effort, heavy concentration near event virtual and in person
SACC (need 2nd chair) Manage SACC program, staffing, finances, enrollment etc… All school year- large roll virtual and in person
SpiritWear Sales


Order, manage and distribute spiritwear to the community All school year, periodic sales at functions and thru MSA virtual and in person
Walk to School Wednesdays (additional chair) Coordinate awards from local sponsors, plan one to two walking events at the gazebo for the school community. Periodic management of the overall process and 1-2 events virtual and in person
8th Grade Dance Work to create dance for 8th grade, picking venue, theme, music food etc Requires a team. Spring 3 month effort virtual and in person