Urgent! We need your help with the DMS Wellness Initiative — Please donate supplies (use link below)

Please us this link to donate supplies https://tinyurl.com/demarestps-wellness  Deadline – 4/20/18.

The Demarest School District will be celebrating its second year of the Wellness Initiative,  “Moving Our Bodies to Help our Brains”.  A host of activities such as movement breaks and sensory tables will occur district-wide during the month of May. In addition, DMS will have a health fair on May 3rd. We need the community’s help donating small supplies for this worthy initiative


All donated items can be sent directly from Amazon to Ms. Debra Rinaldi, c/o The Demarest Board of Education, Demarest Middle School, 568 Piermont Rd., Demarest, NJ 07627. Thank you!